Basic Education, Early Childhood Care & Development

Parents are empowered to understand the importance of and value of child education especially of girl-child which is reflected in the way parents especially women have supported their children's education. 94.6% of parents in SAO supported areas are able to provide all the basic items required for the education of children such as books and pens, lunch and uniforms. This has contributed has increased enrolment and retention of children in pre primary and primary education in SAO (U) supported communities.

Below is Abwanget Early Childhood Development Middle Class during and after class time

SAO has encouraged development and improvement of interprenueral skill among children in schools through their participation in Interprenuer clubs. Children make hand crafts from where they can earn income to boost their education.

Above is a teacher trying on a head gear made by pupils of Osukuru Primary
School in their interprenuer club and below are the different items made by
the same intreprenuer club.

Below is a computer lab constructed to train computer skills to students in
Kolir Comprehensive Secondary School.