Message from National Director

Issues affecting children still remain a challenge in our nation and we should unite our efforts to continue advocating for rights of children. Children form the basis, the future of this nation and we have to secure the nation by ensuring that they access basic needs. Parents and guardians ought to understand that they are the primary stakeholders towards securing the future of the young generation.

We want to reiterate our support to vulnerable and deprived children whose access to education is denied by many underlying factors. As Share An Opportunity (SAO) Uganda, we thank government of Uganda for the peace that has enabled us traverse rural communities in our different project area intervention. We pledge continuous partnership with all line ministries to ensure that children access basic needs through our strategic plan of developing communities.

In our plan, we think for a child to live a happier life, all people should be empowered economically. That is why we even go ahead to equip youth with vocational skills because children can benefit from their hands on experience. As children grow up, everybody should contribute towards their well-being because in them, we see an optimistic nation with young and focused young people.

In the period of reporting SAO Uganda has used core strategies of Capacity Building, Partnership, Integration of Programme Components and Advocacy at different levels. SAO Uganda has been able to reach vulnerable rural communities through the following intervention:-

Livelihood and Food Security: SAO has reached 2600 people most especially women through formation and strengthening of Self Help  Groups (SHGs), training in improved farming methods, agricultural production, business skills training. 266 out of school youths have graduated in community based vocational skills training, savings, loan access and micro enterprise development. The organisation has reached through intervention 4100 people in health by training community health volunteers and faciliatating them with basic tools to perform at village level, water source protection, adolescent sexual and reproductive health activities in schools, mothers' training in nutrition skills for good child health, sensitisations on hygiene and sanitation. Child rights promotion: SAO has reached 1012 people; child and adult sensitisation on child rights and responsibilities has also been done. SAO Uganda doesnot handle child rights in isolation of child responsibilities. Advocacy for child child wellbeing, forming and strengthening child rights clubs in schools, life skills training for children. Children have been empowered in our programme areas to participate at family and community level.