IN Quest for maximizing children's potential - Timothy’s Journey

By Turyasingura Nelson, Programme Officer Community Development Najjembe Project

Children thrive when they have the opportunity to grow up in healthy families and safe supportive environments. This is what SAO Uganda’s programmes target; that through her Child Centered Community Development approach, children will grow to maximize their potential.

Seventeen years with SAO Uganda and still counting

Before joining SAO Uganda, I spent eight years working as a registered midwife at Mulago National Referral Hospital. I gained enough experience in bedside nursing and I desired to explore pursue a career in community health. I came to realize that if diseases were to be prevented at household and community level then the number of sick people coming to hospitals would be lessened. Healthy people would engage themselves in the productive work for improved livelihoods.

From dropping out of school, Asekenye is skilled for a brighter future

“Am now able to take better care of myself and relatives at home.” I can buy milk, sugar, clothes and pay for medical care unlike before.”  This was the response from Joyce Asekenye, 16 when asked about the benefits she got from vocational skills training programme for out-of-school youths supported by SAO Uganda in Kolir sub county, Eastern Uganda.

I have been transformed physically and spiritually

I am a deputy Head Teacher at Kazo Secondary School in Nansana Town Council. I grew up in a very small village of Kirugaruga in Kakiri Sub County with eight siblings. I am the fourth born. Because our family was polygamous (my father had four wives), each of our mothers fended for her children.
From our small church – Kirugaruga Baptist Church, there happened to be a great man in my history – Pr. David Ntege who was part of SAO Uganda.
He looked at my mom with the eight children and felt sympathetic in the way she struggled.

Imalingat improves Beekeeping skills

Imalingat Samuel, 29 is a resident of Kanyipa village who gained skill in bee keeping and hive making.

“Before the training by SAO   Uganda, I had an idea on bee keeping but using primitive methods and harvesting less honey. I used to put pots as bee hives in the branches of the trees After the training from SAO, I now do beekeeping in a better way and as a business. Iam happy that I earn more from it than before,” says Imalingat.

As a result of the training Samuel has made local beehives so as to increase his harvest of honey.

Change Stories

Imweno John Paul 21years old is a school dropout from Angrom C village Morukatipe Parish. He dropped out of school in 2012 in senior 3 when his poor parents who are peasants failed to pay his school fees. After dropping out of school he got engaged in brick making where he was paid 3000/= after making 5000raw bricks. In 2014, John enrolled in TVET with SAO where he trained as a welder for three months from September - Decenber 2014.

Okwalinga’s perception to agriculture changed

Okwalinga Semu, 28 of Tukum village in Kanyipa parish is one of the youths who ventured in horticulture and planted onions and egg plants.

“I was trained by SAO, I was negative about agriculture”, he said 
After getting trained, Okwalinga realised that his negativity stemmed from ignorance and lack of skills. “I am empowered with knowledge and skills that nobody can take away from me”, he added