12-year-old empowered through the CCCD Program

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12-year-old empowered through the CCCD Program
Kevin drying cassava that will be used for baking.
She makes a mat during the entreprenuership classes.

My name is Kevin. I am 12 years old and the fifth born in a family of six. I lost my father so I stay with my mother. My mother is a peasant farmer. She also bakes samosas that she sells in the nearby trading centre.

I am a primary five pupil and while at home, I help my mother with house chores such as cooking food, cleaning the compound, grazing animals, fetching water and collecting firewood.  


I joined the Child Centred Community Developmentproject by SAO In Osukuru and I am a member in the entrepreneurship club at my school, a member in the Music Dance and Drama club and a child partner. My mother is a member in a Self Help group.

Before joining the project, I did not like going to school because I was shy but joining the project has made me a very active girl where by now I can speak English, dance, make a mat, bake and stand in class and answer questions very well something I was very afraid of doing.    

I have many skills such as making mats that I sell and get money. I am able to participate in all school activities and teachers like me. I also speak good English at school.

I thank SAO for supporting our school with very many trainings that have helped us. I am happy to be in the school clubs that have made me like going to school.

Kevin enjoys a light moment with her mother and sister.
Kevin, (standing) gives an answer in class.

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