“All families should work together” Epacu

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“All families should work together” Epacu
Epacu handing over his wife’s weekly saving to the treasurer
Epacu seated among the SHG members








In a group of 12 women, one elderly man walks and seats in their midst. It looks like the women are used to him because they welcome him with cheer. When his turn for introducing himself comes, he mentions a woman’s name; throwing everyone present into fits of laughter.

78-year-old Clement Epacu is husband to Grace Acholla and on this specific day, he had come to represent his wife who could not make it for the Self Help Group (SHG) meeting as she was sick.

The SHG model is an approach used by Share An Opportunity Uganda to empower women in partner communities with a sole purpose of ensuring that children in that communities and the nearby surroundings are holistically developed.

Therefore, Epacu’s wife, Grace is a member of Bedimal (Stay in love) SHG in Aperikira Subcounty, Kaberamaido District. The group is a women’s group, however, Epacu had been accepted to represent his wife because they were legally married and they had been together for more than 40 years.

“My wife trusts me that’s why she asked me to represent her during this saving meeting. We have been together for more than 40 years so she has confidence in me.”

He adds, “I have realized that this group saving is beneficial because my wife recently got a goat from the group, this is going to benefit my whole family. I believe that all families should work together.”

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