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May 20, 2023June 16, 2023
Institutional Capacity Strengthening


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Share An Opportunity Uganda strives to Strengthen Institutional Capacity to ensure organizational effectiveness, growth and sustainability. This is done through;

  1. Enhancing staff performance to deliver quality and high impact programs and effective operations.
  2. Strengthening governance, leadership, and management capabilities at all levels.
  3. Deepening resource mobilization and ensuring diversification of the revenue streams for organization expansion in scope.
  4. Strengthening research and documentation of Share An Opportunity Uganda’s engagement in strategic alliances and networks locally and internationally.
  5. Strengthening church collaboration in community mobilization and development. Currently SAO U is facilitating select Baptist churches to engage in socio-economic development through Community and Church Mobilization Process (CCMP). A total of four Baptist churches Nakatete and Luti Baptist Lwengo district, Kyamurimba and Kigasa in Kalungu district and Kijjabwemi Baptist Church in Masaka, train individuals to identify their God given resources to come out of poverty. Some of these are credit and saving schemes and income generating activities.
  6. Adopting a digitalized management information system.


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