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May 20, 2023June 12, 2023
Promoting Child Rights Protection


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Share An Opportunity Uganda strives to promote Child Rights Protection at households and communities in Uganda.

This is done through the following strategic actions.

  1. Increasing access to quality Early Childhood Learning and Basic Education for children to help them acquire knowledge, fully develop their personalities, talents and abilities. Parents are empowered to understand the importance and value of child education especially of girl-child which is reflected in the way parents especially women have supported their children’s education. 94.6% of parents in SAO supported areas are able to provide all the basic items required for the education of children such as books and pens, lunch and uniforms. This has increased enrolment and retention of children in preprimary and primary education in SAO (U) supported communities.
  2. Strengthening Child Protection Mechanisms in the communities for the children to be protected from all forms of abuse.
  3. Enhancing meaningful Child Participation in decision making, and implementation at household and community level.
  4. Promoting education facilities for Disability and Gender Sensitiveness that provide safe, disability inclusive and effective learning environments for all children.
  5. Strengthen lobby and advocacy at local and national level to ensure that all children enjoy their rights.
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