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Eunice is a primary four pupil in God’s Angel Nursery and Primary School Najjembe Subcounty, 5kms from home. At school she is involved in dancing, singing, playing netball and story telling to friends in the class and is a member of a village children club where she participates in club activities such as attending club weekly meetings, review meetings, club leaders training and craft making.

“I am the first born in the family of four children; my grandmother grows food crops such as :- maize, beans, yams, cassava among others for home consumption and sells surplus and bananas for our basic needs. After school, I help my grandmother on the farm where we have five pigs, I participate in digging and cleaning the compound, working in the garden, fetching water and preparing meals.”

She continues to testify of how she has managed to gain self esteem. ” I was very shy and lacked skills of interaction, feared to talk amidst peers and elders. However, now I feel confident when am talking to people at home, in my club and fellow children at school. I now freely talk to my grandmother and my parents whenever I need something. I have acquired more skills about my rights and responsibilities as a child. Many of my fellow children who used to sell things in the market are now schooling and I participate and attend to my club meetings both at school and in the community and as a leader I make sure I perform my roles and duties. In our club, I also do art crafts from local materials.”

“I feel confident grateful because SAO Uganda has Uganda has done a lot at our school by supporting guidance and counseling, life skills to my fellow children and organizing platforms where my views and other children’s issues have been heard by the caregivers. during the children’s club meeting am respected and given opportunity to speak before others and they listen to me”

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