“CYCC program empowered me with life-changing skills”

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Gloria Ariso is 12 years old, a grade four pupil and a secretary in Winyo wa tiye children’s club living in Kaberamaido District with her 43-year-old mother.

Gloria narrated that before joining Share an Opportunity Uganda’s Children and Youth Community for Change program, she was illiterate about her rights as a child, was not social and lacked self-confidence.

“Before joining the children’s group I could not express myself before fellow children because I had fear and I could not interact with my peers. I had no information about my rights and responsibilities and how to protect myself from abuse.” She said.

However, after joining the CYCC program, Gloria says that she improved her engagement in the community and now participates in the village-based children’s club through child rights sessions, reading and writing among others.

“I am a secretary in winyo wa tiye children’s group where I participate in children activity meeting and writing, peer to peer sessions, taking meeting, minutes and child rights sessions. Being a child partner, I participate in the children review meetings, quarterly info check, letter writing, photo taking, photo-taking and household survey. I also represent children on the CPC in our community.” Gloria said.
As a trained leader, Gloria uses the skills she learned from the children’s club to empower children in the community to improve their communication and interaction skills.


“As a trained leader, I acquired leadership skills which help me to interact with and guide my peers in the children group. I am also able to confidently speak during children’s group meetings, represent fellow children on the CPC and make good decisions. I also learnt my rights and responsibilities, personal hygiene and got new friends.” Said, Gloria

She added, “I would like my school to have a source of water that children can drink because we walk a long distance to get water.”

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