Empowerment for Confident Children and Youth in Kaberamaido: Solomon’s Inspirational Journey

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Solomon stands proudly in the workshop beside a bed crafted by his own hands

The Empowerment for Confident Children and Youth in Kaberamaido project was one of the leading transformation projects led by Share an Opportunity Uganda. Among its beneficiaries stands Solomon, a 24-year-old resident whose life story is a testament to the profound impact of community-driven initiatives.
Before his involvement in the project, Solomon faced daunting financial challenges in providing for his family. Living in a rural village, he struggled to make ends meet with limited access to business management skills and capital. The absence of a sustainable income source left him dependent on manual labor and support from his parents.
The project’s holistic approach didn’t stop there. Armed with newfound skills and resources, Solomon diversified his income streams. He ventured into crop cultivation and animal husbandry, leveraging his earnings to secure a calf and two sheep for breeding and multiplication. With each step, Solomon’s confidence and financial independence grew, allowing him to provide not only for himself but also for his wife, Alobo Angela, and their son, Engwenyu Mark.

Here stands the calf, a testament to Solomon’s resourcefulness and determination, acquired through his diligent savings efforts.

In a recent interview conducted by Mwanja Samson, Programme Officer, Youth, Solomon radiated happiness and excitement as he reflected on the positive changes in his life. He and his family now enjoy good health, access to adequate food, and a comfortable lifestyle. Solomon’s journey from financial scarcity to stability serves as an inspiration to his community, embodying the principles of empowerment and resilience.
The project area, a peri-urban community west of Kaberamaido town, serves as a thriving hub for social-economic interventions. Spearheaded by youth groups, self-help groups, and child protection committees, these initiatives encompass skill development, leadership training, early childhood education, and child protection awareness.
Solomon’s remarkable transformation is vividly captured in the photos taken during the interview. From crafting furniture in his workshop to proudly standing beside his livestock, each image tells a story of determination, progress, and hope.

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