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Nagudi selling pancakes to children after school just in front of her house

Nagudi a mother of 3; 2 girls and 1 boy is a member of Kulakulana Self Help Group (SHG). Initially, Nagudi was only engaged in subsistence farming. From the little she harvested with her husband, they could sell some of the produce to meet basic needs such as medical care, clothing and household consumables among others.

After joining the group, Nagudi immediately borrowed money so as to invest in some micro business that would bring her some money that she would use to meet the family’s daily needs.

She borrowed 10,000/= in August and bought flour, sugar and cooking oil for the start. She used these items to make pancakes which she sold at 100/= at Bumadilila Primary School where her targets were children and teachers at break and lunch time during school days. At the end of the week, she had made profits of 3000/=.

Currently Naudi makes at least 6000/= as profit for a week and has more ambitions of increasing savings and thereby improving on their livelihoods and have better living standards.

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