He learnt how to start small through CCMP trainings

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He learnt how to start small through CCMP trainings

Pastor Lauben (in checkered shirt) sells bananas to a customer.

A few years ago, Lauben; A Senior Pastor at Lwetamu Baptist Church was a subsistence farmer. He used to grow cereals and legumes. However, after attending the Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) Bible study of God’s Vision for His People as it is written in Isaiah 65:17-25, he started commercial farming. He also mobilized his church members and they formed a saving and credit group with focus on investments.

27 people joined the group and they each decided to save UGX 5,000shs per month.  “Through this SACCO, we have learnt to save. Currently, we have UGX 4,200,000shs.  We are looking forward to increasing our monthly saving from UGX 5,000shs per person to UGX 20,000shs. This will help us raise more money for big investments”.                       

Before he joined CCMP, Pastor Lauben wanted UGX 5 million shillings to start a business. However, “After attending the CCMP training, I realized that I could start the business with the little that I had.”

In November 2018 he got a loan of 160,000shs from the group and started a retail shop. The shop has picked up, it has helped him provide for his family and he pays his children’s school fees with ease. He says that his saving culture has improved and he saves UGX 60,000shs per month.

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