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My name is David Ntulume. I am a product of SAO Uganda and I am proud of it. My parents had two children; my sister and I. We were orphaned due to HIV & AIDS at an early age and life became unbearable. Our only living guardian that we turned to was our ailing grandmother.  On some days we went to bed hungry. Under the circumstances, school fees and scholastic materials became a luxury.

Life took a different turn when grandmother heard about SAO and linked us to the organization.
SAO started paying school fees for us in good schools. The organization became our “mother and “father””. We were given life skills and taught brought up in God fearing manner. The officials from SAO visited us often.

We started from primary one to primary seven and then I joined secondary school. I later joined tertiary education where I pursued a course in computer repair, maintenance and networking and currently I hold a diploma. I left SAO Uganda at the age of 19 and I started to face the real world on my own. I was employed in several companies where I gained experience and now I have my own business doing computer repair, maintenance and networking.

Looking at how successful and self sufficient I have turned out, I can only say “THAK YOU” to my sponsor, Danny Lee, SAO Uganda and SAO Australia. I dedicate my success to you!
Thank you Mr. Danny Lee he was my sponsor,Thank you SAO Uganda and SAO Australia. God bless all.

David Ntulume

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