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By Turyasingura Nelson, Programme Officer Community Development Najjembe Project

Children thrive when they have the opportunity to grow up in healthy families and safe supportive environments. This is what SAO Uganda’s programmes target; that through her Child Centered Community Development approach, children will grow to maximize their potential.

Timothy a primary 6 pupil and a leader in one of the children’s clubs supported by SAO, exhibits the benefits of giving children an opportunity to directly participate in community development that aims at improving children’s quality of life. In his words, Timothy acknowledges SAO Uganda’s contribution saying “I was very shy and could hide whenever we had debates at school; I had no idea on making crafts, writing and reading minutes in meetings and maintaining personal hygiene”.  I now speak in public with confidence about mine and other children’s concerns as raised in our club meetings, I know and differentiate children’s rights and responsibilities, I participate in home activities, wash my hands after using the latrine, and before eating anything. All this I learnt in the children’s club…”

At school Timothy plays football, sings, debates and dances as a music dance and drama team member. His teacher had this to say “Timothy is well behaved, active in class, other school activities and I see him take on leadership when he becomes an adult because already he leads children well when assigned to do so. SAO is impacting these children…”

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