Isaac went back to school through a Child Rights Club’s advocacy

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During a partner’s interact with pupils of OJ Nursery and Primary School in Aridai Parish in Abim District, they asked members of the Child Rights Club one achievements they have registered as a club.

Before any of the over 30 pupils could respond, one young boy stood up and said, “I am one of their biggest achievement.”

Isaac explained, “I used not to go to school but when the Child Rights Club from this school came and performed a drama in our village about the advantages of going to school, I was convinced to resume my studies.”

The 17-year –old added that the reason he had stopped going to school was because of the long distance he had to travel every to and fro school. He further explained that, “My parents considered education as a waste of time and resources.”

However, the drama and the brief talk he had with the chairperson of OJ Child Rights Club gave him ideas on how to convince his parents to take him back to school.

Isaac who is now in primary seven explained that being in school has taught him about the importance of respecting elders. “My English has also become better and I want to study very hard and become a professional football player.”

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