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My name is James Okullo; I am 18 years old and the chairperson of Pamoja youngsters Children’s Club in Awach Sub county, Abim District. Pamoja Youngsters has 18 members.

Before the lockdown, the club had grown and we had learnt very many things such vegetable growing, making of re-usable sanitary pads, debating and we had been taught our responsibilities as children.

But with the lockdown, most club activities reduced and this has affected the children. But when SAO trained all group leaders on how to continue with group activities without spreading the corona virus, I met with the four sub-leaders of my group and shared the knowledge.

We have now started with home to home visits to check on club members and also listen the challenges they are facing. As group leaders, we also plan on engaging the club members in agriculture. We shall use the profits we got from our previous harvest of UGX 35,000 to buy vegetable seeds and plant them in the club’s garden.

I believe that such activities will keep the club active and also keep members away from dangerous habits such as stealing, fighting and alcoholism that have become common among children during the lockdown.

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