Jessica opened up a retail shop after joining a SHG

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Jessica opened up a retail shop after joining a SHG

Jessica Awilli Teddy is a resident of Aroo village, Barlyech parish, Awach Sub County in Abim district. The 28-year-old peasant explains how Share An Opportunity Uganda (SAO U) has been influential in bringing about change in her livelihood.

I am so happy that SAO came to our community to promote development. Initially, our community had never gotten a chance to interface with development partners due to the fact that we are located in a remote part of the sub county which is almost impassable especially during raining seasons.

But in February, 2017, we received information from our parish chief about a sensitization by a new organization called SAO.While in the community meeting, we were trained through different games which helped us to identify our problems, improve our attitudes and stop over dependence on government and NGOs which give handouts but rather embrace empowerment through skills and knowledge because they are sustainable.

In April 2017, I got a chance to be part of the SAO Self Help Group (SHG) which took five days to be formed. While in the SHG, for the time I have been part of this group, I have received different trainings which have helped me to improve my sanitation at home, take good care of my children and continuously have good relationships with other community members.

Additionally, the group has been fundamental in my success for 2017. I got a loan of Shillings sixty thousand (UGX 60,000) in August and I started a small retail shop. I sell salt, biscuits, soap, sugar, juice, torches and other commonly demanded products. My business is now growing and I want to get another loan to expand my shop. I use my profits and incomes from agriculture to restock the shop.

Awilli explains that in October this year, she went for a learning visit with support from SAO. “During the visit, I got a lot of knowledge on cassava, maize and livestock management and marketing. I am now planning to plant at least six acres of cassava to benefit from the available cassava market. I am so happy because SAO has opened my eyes and the eyes of my community members to new ideas.

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