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Children Youth and Communities for Change

Share an Opportunity Uganda launched the Children Youth and Communities for Change (CYCC) program in Kaberamaido District in June 2018 with support from Transform Aid International.

The nine years long project is being implemented in the communities of Kaberamaido and Aperikira Sub Counties in Kaberamaido District.

Project aims

The Programme aims at seeing confident children and youth in the two sub counties who are actively participating in a flourishing community.

Additionally, it aims at ensuring that the communities are able to plan and deliver children and youth wellbeing projects, children have access to and actively participating in Early Childhood Development (ECD), primary and secondary education in a child friendly learning environment by 2027, children are safe and influence decision at household and community level by 2027.

It also aims at ensuring that the youth and caregivers have sustainable income to provide the basic needs of householders and make a positive contribution to the community by 2027.


To achieve the targets for this project, SAO works with existing structures such as Village Health Teams (VHTs), Community Volunteers, School Management Committees (SMCs) and Self Help Groups among others in the target communities by empowering them to be able to address child and youth development aspects even after SAO exists those communities.

Project details