Community Child Centered Development (CCCD)

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Community Child Centered Development (CCCD)
Community Child Centered Development (CCCD)

Share an Opportunity Uganda SAO U supported by Red Xeen Kind (REK) implements the CCCD Programme in 90 villages of Awach and Lotuke Sub Counties, Abim District.

Program Goal:

Children living in a community that fulfills their wellbeing.


  1. Healthy Children in Partner Communities of Awach and Lotuke Sub Counties.
  2. Children safeguarded from neglect and abuse.
  3. Children in partner communities accessing basic education in Awach and Lotuke sub counties.
  4. Improved Integrated Sustainable Livelihoods in Awach And Lotuke Sub Counties.
  5. Effective program management and implementation.

How it works

The Programme uses the participatory approach to improve the quality of life and increase opportunities of the most vulnerable children in rural communities through realization and enjoyment of their rights.

This Programme uses a multi stakeholder engagement approach where children, their families (especially mothers) and communities are involved at all stages of the project management cycle and in decision making at household and community level.

CCCD uses community Ambassador Model (CAM) as a fundraising strategy where communities are represented by Family ambassadors before the sponsors. Communities are represented by families before the Netherlands supporters- Family Ambassador Model (FAM). Ambassadors are linked to supporters through regular correspondences.

Project details
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