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Community Child Centered Development (CCCD)

Share an Opportunity Uganda (SAO Uganda) with support from Transform Aid International (TAI) and Red een Kind (REK) is implementing the Child Centred Community Development (CCCD) programme.

How it works

The programme uses the participatory approach to improve the quality of life and increase opportunities of the most vulnerable children in rural communities through realisation and enjoyment of their rights.

This programme uses a multi stakeholder engagement approach where   children, their families (especially mothers) and communities are involved at all stages of the project management cycle and in decision making at household and community level.

CCCD uses community Ambassador Model (CAM) as a fundraising strategy where communities are represented by ambassadors before the sponsors. For TAI supported programmes, communities are represented by child partners before the Australian supporters-Child Ambassador Model (CAM). For REK supported programmes, communities are represented by families before the Netherlands supporters- Family Ambassador Model (FAM). Ambassadors are linked to supporters through regular correspondences.

CCCD pillars

The CCCD program is based on four main pillars of child survival, child development, child protection and child participation. These are all having root in the UN  Convetion on the Rights of Children (CRC). It is worth noting that children live in a family which

does exist in the community. The major thematic program areas being undertaken by SAO to achieve the CRC outcome areas include; Food security, Technical Vocational Education Training for Out of School youths, Livelihood Development and environmental protection, Health and Nutrition, Education and Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), Plus child rights Protection and Participation.

Areas of operation

SAO Uganda is implementing the CCCD programme in four districts of Tororo, Buikwe, Abim and Bukedea. The programme interventions cover five Sub Counties namely; Najjembe Sub County in Buikwe, Kolir Sub county in Bukedea, Osukuru Sub county in Tororo plus Awach and Lotuke Sub counties in Abim District.

The programme works with over 4,000 children and their families, youths and Women empowering them to know their rights, get vocational skills and realise improved livelihoods through community structures such as children clubs, youth groups, self-help groups(SHGs) and Child Protection Committees(CPCs).

Overall goal

The overall goal of the CCCD programme is to improve the qulality of life of vulnerable children and their households. The programme aims at ensuring that; communities have sustainable incomes and are food security, improved health and safe environment for children, children’ views and opinions   are valued and they influence positive change at family and community level and ensuring that children access quality education and are retained in schools over a required period.

Project details