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Share An Opportunity Uganda (SAO U) through a consortium of four Non-Government Organizations (NGOs); Salem brotherhood- Uganda, Gumutindo, Bungokho Rural Development Centre and SAO U is implementing a One Million Tree Planting Project under the Mbale Coalition Against Poverty (CAP).

The project is funded by the Size of Wales campaign with technical support from the Welsh Government to create dozens of community based tree nurseries to promote tree planting across the Mbale region.

With a focus on climate change adaptation, poverty alleviation and food security, the project has sensitized farming households about the benefits of agro forestry.

The tree planting project targets subsistence farmers mainly women and the youths in Manafwa and Mbale Districts, in Eastern Uganda.

Among some of the key problems faced in the target regions are extreme climates with prolonged drought, loss of productivity of agricultural land, severe land degradation as well as abnormally high levels of deforestation and over utilization of natural resources exacerbated by unpredictable climate changes.

Climate change in the target regions negatively affects food and water security and livelihoods.

Therefore, through the project, SAO Uganda is encouraging target communities to grow more trees and also train farmers and community members on improved agro-forestry techniques and how to construct fuel saving stoves to reduce the current rate of tree cutting in the region.

This is done with the aim of contributing to the overall goal of mitigating the adverse effects of climate change which is a global challenge.

This will also help to alleviate the social-economic and environmental problems facing people in the Eastern region of Uganda such as landslides,floods, recurrent drought, insurgency of pests and diseases and food shortages.

Additionally, through the project, communities are taught better land management in order to increase overall crop yields, production of trees, reduction in fuel-wood consumption, and income generation through alternative livelihoods especially for women and children.

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