SAO gives out 2000 birds to 400 families in Abim

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SAO gives out 2000 birds to 400 families in Abim


Share An Opportunity Uganda (SAO U) with support from Help a Child has given out 2000 kuroiler birds, (1600 hens and 400 cocks) to selected community members in Abim District.

According to Mr Emmanuel Kizito Odong, a Project Officer with SAO, the 400 families that have benefited from the project are members Self Help Groups (SHG), farmer innovators, family ambassadors, youth and children with disabilities in the two subcounties of Awach and Lotuke, Abim District.

Mr Kizito explains that, “These birds have been given out to address the aspect of nutrition and food security and also to improve on household income. We expect the birds to multiply and create income in the long run for the beneficiaries to address child related issues.”

The Project Officer adds that the need to distribute the birds was arrived at after an assessment by SAO during which community members said that poultry was one of the enterprises that would improve their household income.

Therefore, “before the distribution of the birds, the beneficiaries were trained in poultry production and management practices which include housing, feeding, health management and multiplication.”

“SAO also conducted a mass poultry vaccination of over 5000 existing birds in the two subcounties. This was to rule out any case of Newcastle disease within the beneficiary communities,” Kizito adds.

The beneficiaries of project are from nine parishes of Awojapilo, Awach, Gotapwou, Barlyech, Orwamuge, Gangming, Achangali, Barotuke and Oporoth parishes.

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