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By Turyasingura Nelson, Programme Officer Community Development Najjembe Project.

Hundreds of children in SAO Uganda supported communities are trapped in the hopelessness of poverty and do not experience the life, health and happiness that God intended. The project in Najjembe Sub-county, Buikwe District, is designed to have positive and measurable outcomes for children.  SAO is passionately devoted to the well being of women, the primary care takers of children. We empower women to care and provide for their children from their own resources, creating future opportunities and delivering the hope of a changed life. We’re supporting women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) to increase their income and address the major issues that contribute to their poverty, hindering provision of basic needs for their children.  

In Kikati village, Kabanga parish, “Kamu-Kamu” Self Help Group of 22 tells the positive impact of SAO work in their community. From a weekly saving of 500 Uganda shillings per individual per week, group members now save 1000 Uganda shillings per individual per week, with ease. Additionally, each member saves between 5000 Uganda Shillings to 50,000 as social savings.  Access to friendly loans and engagement in individual and group profit –oriented ventures shows these women’s resolve to kick poverty out of their households. From their bakery, an average of 60,000 Uganda shillings is currently realized as weekly profit out of the cookies, bans and cakes sold. From their well maintained banana multiplication site, members access high quality banana suckers to plant for home consumption and sale of surplus.

Rose an active member of the group says “Among other commitments, we’re determined to have all our children in school. It is one of the lines in our bi-laws and to date, none of the member’s children is out of school due to lack of school fees or scholastic requirements…” In their original composition of a song in the local language, the women sing “We were in darkness, like blind people before attending SAO trainings and working together in a group ….”

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