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Thank you for the soap; SAO

This is 7 year old Flavia. She lives in Kaberamaido and is in Primary one. Before the lockdown, Flavia used to play netball and jump the rope with her friends. However, with the lockdown and the need to stay safe, Flavia no longer plays such games with her friends.

“I live with my father, mother, two brothers and two sisters. We depend on agriculture and grow crops such as simsim, cassava, beans, millet and sorghum. Now that we are not going to school, I help my parents to fetch water, washing plates sweep the compound, looking after goats and helping mother take care of the baby.”

The seven year-old also thanks SAO for having given them soap to ensure proper hand hygiene. “Before, we used to only wash our hands with plain water because we did not have the resources to buy soap,” Flavia’s father explains.

Flavia adds, “Now that SAO gave us soap, I always wash my hands with soap and water. I also stay at home with my siblings. I have learnt through the SAO radio messages that there are other ways of greeting other than shaking hands and hugging.”

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